The Most Useful Class I’ve Ever Taken

Mondays have come to be my favorite days. What better way to spend the day than outside in the fresh air building teamwork and useful skills? Oh and especially when almost every workday as been blue skies and 65° + weather!

It still amazes me that I got the opportunity to be a part of this class. I love acquiring knowledge and skills that are actually applicable to my life. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance those hours spent in chemistry class may have later in the bigger picture… but what we really need to learn is knowledge that all of us will need to have at some point of our lives. Yes, maybe not everyone will build their own tiny house or build anything at all, but we all will be homeowners at some point. How will we know if our home has effective insulation? Or how to purchase the right heater and where it should be placed? How will we know if we are wasting hundreds of dollars every year with inefficient energy-consuming appliances?

This is all information that I believe everyone should know- yet most people do not. By teaching students home construction and how to be energy-efficient and environmentally aware, it will build a generation of homeowners that understand the importance of conserving energy and the benefits it can bring to both themselves and to the environment.