Financing a Tiny House

Our UGA tiny house is unique in many ways, one unique aspect easily overlooked is our financing.  We are fortunate this semester to be supported by retired UGA professor, Dr. Peter Hartel.  What about the average Joe looking to purchase a tiny house?  Going to a bank for a home mortgage would be a good start.  However, tiny houses present problems for banks as they are hard to classify (RV/trailer/ or house), and do not fit the current mortgage mold of price per square feet.

Since tiny houses make up such a small percentage of the market, banks have little incentive to change their current mortgage methods.  Personal loans are an option, but for higher interest rates and shorter pay back periods than home mortgages.  A quick google search will lead you to loan sites specialized in tiny houses, but they are merely personal loans made to look like specialized mortgages.

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