What a time to be alive!

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As our semester comes to end, we’ve started wrapping up our final touches to the house. Though our classes doesn’t meeting regularly anymore, there is still work to do on the house, especially on the inside. Our gracious professor, architect and instructor has set aside time out of their day to help with finishing up the house.

Compared to previous years, we apparently are a little bit ahead of schedule. Last year, they weren’t able to get started weeks after they got the trailer due to the weather and necessary materials. However, this year we got started pretty quickly, yet we still had “ran out” of time. This, I believe, is important to note. There were days when we were limited on the things to do because we were missing one tool, one piece, or we had an issue with our equipment.. This just comes to show that building a house isn’t always going to go as planned (hopefully it does 99% of the time). We’ve learned to work with what we have but we have also learned the importance in pre-planning each day’s agenda so that we don’t fall behind.

This overall experience has been one to remember and we can’t wait to see the final product!