Crunch Time

After a little over 3 months worth of work, we are starting the last push to get everything done. Mid way through the build we seemed to be ahead of schedule but it seems we’ve fallen a little behind schedule due to the siding and how long it took to put that up. The floors … More Crunch Time

Modular Homes

As a part of our class, we have learned about many different types of unconventional housing. Last Tuesday, we had an in class speaker, Ken Paris, come in an talk about modular homes. While there is an idea that these modular homes look like prefabricated trailers, these homes are much more than that! These homes are … More Modular Homes

Hard work pays off!

Coming to you live from the little TINY house on South Milledge: Here’s our most recent update on the house. Today, we finished up caulking the little areas around the windows and door. We began putting wood pieces on the loft area in the house and we also are in the process of finishing up … More Hard work pays off!

Tiny Home, Big Media

As many of us know, tiny homes have quickly become the rage of the Internet. A few Instagrammers have done a great job with showing the world the progress in their new homes, and mother great things about tiny houses. Architectural Difest has found 6 Instagram accounts that seem to top the charts with their … More Tiny Home, Big Media

Laying the floors

It seems like just the other day we were starting the construction of house and now we are already starting to lay the flooring. The process is not super difficult but quite particular. After a seemingly slow start, we got the hang of it and we made a good bit of progress! Here is Emily … More Laying the floors

And We Have Floors!

Yesterday afternoon, Berkley, Emily, Thomas, and I started on laying flooring. We are using a prefinished wood flooring with tongue and groove fittings. For this task, we used a nail gun specifically for flooring. Instead of pulling a trigger, we had to hit a button on the front of the nail gun with a mallet. We alternated … More And We Have Floors!

Exterior Progress

As of this week, we are almost completely done with the exterior of the home. On Tuesday, we completed the staining of the wood siding, corner trim, and fascia boards (we only used 3 gallons of stain from the Woodscapes line of Sherwin Williams). The last steps to complete the exterior of the tiny house … More Exterior Progress

Tiny Bathroom (continued…)

From Tori’s last post, you can see that her and George put the siding in the bathroom on Tuesday. Then, on Thursday, I helped with putting the pieces of the shower together and into the bathroom. Below, you can see the shower panels that George and I installed.

Bathroom Coming Along…

    Tuesday, George and I worked on putting up the wall panels in the bathroom. We put up four walls and the ceiling. It was nice working with him because he cut the boards and I nailed them up! ( the fun part)

Floored with Laughter

Yes, it is true…. we had a blast putting down flooring today! For many of us, this was another first as far as construction skills go. We laid down finished wood panels, worked as a team to cut all the different pieces, and fit them together to create the beautiful flooring we have in progress. … More Floored with Laughter