A Semester In Review


The tiny house is making great progress and in just a couple of weeks, we will wrap up the end of this amazing semester. When I found out that I got into FHCE 4900, I was super excited to have the chance to learn what went into building a tiny house. Little did I realize how much more I would learn.img_3353

  •  I learned construction skills that will be invaluable as I move into a future of farming.
  • I learned to get out of my comfort zone and climb on the roof.
  • I learned names of tools and what they were used for.
  •  I learned about all the various aspects of a home and how sustainable building materials and methods can be used to build a ‘green home’.
  • I learned about alternative forms of housing and how these can help with the issues surrounding farmworker and rural housing.

I worked with an amazing team of fellow students and professors. I enjoyed our class discussions, working together each week, the positive attitudes and jokes while working, and the hands-on learning that took place. Thanks for an amazing semester. I can’t wait to see where our tiny house ends up!img_3180