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While tiny houses are the ‘in’ thing right now, I believe shipping container homes are going to be big in the next few years. There are tons of benefits to building a home out of an old shipping container. These containers can easily be built off site and brought on site and assembled like a puzzle and would cost half the normal cost of a regular home. They are also virtually indestructible and you wouldn’t have to worry about as many bugs entering your home since they are air-tight. here is an article that showcases different shipping container homes along with the homeowners who give advice as to what they wished they knew before building a container home.

23 Shipping Container Home Owners Speak Out: “What I Wish I’d Known Before Building My Shipping Container Home”


One thought on “Shipping Containers

  1. I can’t help but think that the used shipping container industry has done an excellent job marketing what amounts to nothing more than an empty tin can. While there may be some value in keeping the used containers out the waste stream, there is nothing inherently great about building a house or growing food in a used shipping container. Yet, an entire industry has developed around these concepts. Think about it this way…does it make sense to grow food in, or live in, an uninsulated box, with no natural light, no R-value to the membrane (in fact, metal conducts heat), a flat roof, and requires almost tradesperson-like skills to cut, drill, or otherwise alter the membrane? Used shipping containers seem ideal for storage, and could offer temporary shelter in cases where nothing else was available, however, it makes more sense to grow plants in a structure design to let in light (duh…greenhouse) and live in a structure that is built of sustainable materials, lets in light and is well-insulated. I have similar opinions about reuse of pallets. I have seen some amazing things built with pallets, however, the time and energy that goes into converting a pallet into a coffee table is not justified. At some point, we need to accept that some things (like shipping containers and pallets) that we build can not be repurposed and focus on finding better ways to build them, or invent better ways to grind them up.


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