Our house… in the middle of the grass!


Today, someone said, “it’s that time of year when the students start telling you what to do.” I didn’t think much of it when they first said it, as I’m sure it was not meant to be thought about as deeply as I did,  but it really got me thinking of all of the progress we’ve made as a class and some of the very essential and useful skills we’ve gained just from using our hands for an hour and a half every Tuesday or Thursday for an entire semester. Our architect, Dr. George, will tell us, “Go get that.. Go get this..” and we know exactly what he’s talking about (for the most part). Obviously, when we first came in we all varied on the spectrum of using certain tools and taking measures, but every day, I get to learn more about sustainable living, about the people I get to work with to build this house, and what it really takes to use all parts of you body – physically, mentally, emotionally – to put together something so unique and special for someone else later on down the road (ha!).

We worked on the exterior today as well as touching up some interior parts! If you look hard enough, you can see the A/C Unit! Who needs that in Athens though… the weather has been beautiful! This house is looking and feeling a lot more like a home now.