Mission this week: Siding!

This week the groups will be working towards completing the siding of the house. This will serve as the “face” of the house’s exterior. We were fortunate to have the wood materials for this project to be a “homegrown” product. A large tree at the UGArden fell during a storm a while ago, and they recycled the tree into very nice boards that make for a very lovely siding. The wood has been stored, air drying all this time, and finally gets to serve it’s purpose!

The siding job will take a lot of time and precision. The most difficult part will be cutting the boards to frame out the windows, which are already installed into the structure. Between the measuring and the cutting we are really going to need to work as a team. I think that we will work most efficiently if everyone has an assigned job. Kind of like an assembly line, we will be able to quickly produce each individual piece and install them.

We want to try and conserve the materials we have so it is important to get our measurements right and every cut be precise. We’ll see how it goes!

By the time we finish, the structure will actually look more like a house, and then we will get ready to paint! (although this will probably be the very last thing)