Working Towards Lighting

On Tuesday, Thomas and I had the opportunity to help the electrician with the wiring for the interior of our tiny house. Pretty soon we will have lights, a ceiling fan, and electrical outlets! Tuesday was the first time that I had any experience with electrical wiring. We stapled the insulated wires to the studs and then ran wire to the ceiling fan and exhaust fan boxes. I climbed the ladder and using a huge drill, drilled a hole through the ‘inner third’ ( an electrical term for the middle of a stud) of  one of the rafters. Running the wires up the wall and through the beam, I threaded them into the box for the fan. I have a new respect now for the work that electricians do; there was a lot to keep up with and threading wires requires a lot of hand strength! The best part of helping with wiring was that we got to listen to music while working. A class where hands on learning, conversations about electricity, and music are all happening at once can’t be beat!