taking it to new heights

yesterday we made more progress! the first picture shows where we started yesterday and then the next shows what we got done by the end of the day. i know it may not look like much, BUT putting up siding is harder than it looks, especially around the window. the roofing shingles are about 2/3 done, and it looks super cool! they’re an orangey-red color and it adds a fun pop against the wood siding that will (eventually) be around the whole outside. climbing up the 15 foot ladder was a little scary, but the view from up on top of the roof was super neat and made it worth it.

we’re really learning how to work as a team together and each work period we get our own little systems going. everyone has their own rhythms and i feel like now at this point we all work together really well.

can’t wait to see the progress on thursday!