How Far We’ve Come

This is a list of the work completed from August to October, in chronological order.

  • Trailer Base sprayed with insulation
  • Base flooring established on top of trailer over insulated foundation
  • Each Wall Framing Built separately and attached to the wooden flooring
    • Involved measuring and cutting 2 x 4s
    • Nailed together with Nail Guns
  • Roof Framing was established
  • Built and then installed on the top of ladders
  • Exterior Walls and Roof nailed against the Framing
    • Required a lot of teamwork holding walls into place
  • Window and Door Openings cut into Exterior Walls
  • Actual Windows installed into Exterior Window Openings
  • REX Wrap – Weather Resistant Barrier attached all around exterior structure
  • Face Framing 2 x 4s attached to exterior, just under lip of the roofing, and along the corners of structure.
  • More Exterior Weather Barriers attached over Face Framing
  • Currently working on the Interior Room Frames such as Bathroom Spacing
    (Depicted in Previous Posts)

Our regular working schedule comes out to about 5 hours a week.