Up to Greater Heights

Do you like heights? I don’t! When I learned that we would be putting plywood over the rafter of our growing tiny house, my first thought was, ‘I hope I don’t have to get on the roof’. After setting up the air compressor, nail gun, and stretching out extension cords, everyone gathered around to hear … More Up to Greater Heights

Tiny Houses of America

What does a Tiny House symbolize? What does it mean? What purpose does it serve? The Tiny House movement started here in United States and directly challenges the social principals that are instilled in many Americans. A Tiny House expresses the main ideas of simple living and being environmentally friendly. It is a social movement … More Tiny Houses of America

Green vs. Sustainable Building: What’s the Difference?

Working within our tiny house team, communication is key. In order for us to more effectively communicate,  Dr. Skobba has been engaging us in discussions about concepts such as green building and sustainability. The terms ‘green building’ and ‘sustainable building’ get used together so often that the specific meanings can get confused. Knowing the basics of each of these concepts helps to clarify … More Green vs. Sustainable Building: What’s the Difference?

Tiny House, Big Facts

The first two sides of the house were put up yesterday!! To celebrate, here are some fun facts you may not have known about tiny houses! 1. Tiny homes are usually anywhere between 100 and 400 square feet. 2. The average tiny house today costs about $23,000. 3. Your tiny house does not have to … More Tiny House, Big Facts

Construction Masters

We had an action-packed workday yesterday adding the side walls to our trailer! Who would’ve thought that in three short hours we would all be pros at using the nail gun?!? While it was scary at first, we all got in a rhythm of framing and nailing together the walls, drilling holes for the trailer … More Construction Masters

The Walls Are Up!

That means that the house is basically a home, right? Close… Today, half of our class nailed 2x4s together to build the walls of the tiny house. Our house is going to have a shed roof, so one wall is taller than the other. One wall is 10 feet tall while the other wall is 8 feet … More The Walls Are Up!

From the Floor Up

It’s happening! Now that we’ve covered the basics, the construction has begun! Plywood has been laid and bolted into our foundation. We now have an excellent platform to build upon. Before we know it, using drills and levels will become second nature!

Labor Day Update

Our Tiny House project starts off with the trailer, which is a fairly common foundation for a tiny house. Our trailer has been coated with an isolated flooring base prior to any actual structure being built on top. David Berle is depicted explaining to the class the height of our structure relative to the trailer. … More Labor Day Update

Choices, Choices

Tuesday, we looked at the plans and sketches for our future tiny house. We discussed how the interior will be laid out and took a vote for whether we wanted a rustic or classic looking exterior. By majority vote, the rustic exterior won. The stove range had arrived earlier this week, so after carefully unloading it, we checked for shipping … More Choices, Choices