Nit Picking

Over the past few weeks, the house has progressed very quickly. The flooring, sides, roof, and now openings for the windows are all completed! Each class time has been full of everyone working on the house to get major things done. It is so fun to work together and see the (many) fruits of our labor.

But, today, our instructors told us that we needed to take care of a few tasks to move along in the process.

These are the things we did today,

  • Measure how far the studs are away from each other all around the house
  • Move a window opening down (a mistake previously made that we needed to fix)
  • Nail the plywood to the studs where the nail gun had missed before
  • Re-nail supportive 2x4s to make sure they were secure
  • Measure things
  • Cut things
  • Realize that the measurement you measured was wrong and you cut your 2×4 to short
  • Find a new piece of wood
  • Measure again
  • Cut again
  • etc….

Honestly, I was looking at my watch every 15 minutes wondering when class would be over so I could go home and eat.

But, then I realized: this is what happens on a real worksite! It is not all butterflies and rainbows. Things go wrong. You have to fix them. We have the foundation of the house, but now we are paying attention to detail and doing the little things. All of this–the big, fun things and the small menial tasks–are all a part of the building process. We have to have all these stages to get to our final end product!