How FHCE-4900 Benefits My Shed

About five years ago now, I made the decision in 2011 to move out and be completely independent from my parents. Supporting myself and living in various places in Athens Georgia, I  concluded that I would benefit more if I were to just finally move back home. I made this difficult transition on July 31st 2016.

I have found out that when living on your own, you end up accumulating a LOT of STUFF. There was simply NO room at my parent’s for all the things I had bought over the years. I was freaking out with my moving deadline right around the corner, so I ended up getting a shed.

Since I’ve successfully moved back, I came up with the idea to try and convert my shed into more than just a storage unit, but rather a hang out pad for myself and friends. I can really relate to all the things we are learning about in this FHCE course because I can apply them to make my shed more comfortable and even self sustainable.

Thanks to this class, I have learned a lot of proper techniques for building a housing unit and can implement them to my own project as our tiny house develops. The direct building experiences of this tiny house project has shown me a couple of flaws in my own modifications that I have already made to my shed that need correcting.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to take this course and get some real, hands on, insider information. I am particularly looking forward to learning about electrical wiring and installation process. I would love to have my shed powered by a solar panel to do basic tasks.