its whats on the inside that matters

Being a Furnishings and Interiors major, what really piques my interest about tiny houses are the plans and ideas that go inside the tiny house itself. Even with the insane size restrictions put on tiny homes, there are still so many options for layouts and plans; each house truly can be just as unique as a typical residential home. There are so many companies who now provide plans for people to purchase and use to build their own as well as ready-made tiny homes for sale. Depending on different factors, such as whether it will be mobile or have a foundation, the other design decisions and layout choices can be impacted as well.

Here are just a few of the different layout options and configurations tiny houses can have:

  1. Long and narrow layout, with sleeping loft abovelayout-one
  2. Long and narrow layout, with bedroom in back


3. L-shaped with multiple bedroom options


4. Yurt (Rounded Tent-Like Structure with optional interior walls)


5. A-Frame layout, with sleeping loft above



–until next time, catt