Tiny Houses of America

What does a Tiny House symbolize? What does it mean? What purpose does it serve?

The Tiny House movement started here in United States and directly challenges the social principals that are instilled in many Americans. A Tiny House expresses the main ideas of simple living and being environmentally friendly. It is a social movement that goes far beyond being just a simple structure.

Consumerism is a large part of American culture. Many average Americans just have too many things that they don’t even need. Obtain more things, or at least the means to do so, seem to be a major component in the American dream. In a Tiny House, there is just no space for excess junk and it is difficult to be wasteful. The cost of living has been drastically cut down to the actual necessities of life. As a result, the carbon footprint of this household is reduced.

Some consider the tiny house movement to be very radical. Others believe it is revolutionary. I believe that between the two, the issues of wastefulness and improving energy efficiency are two fully justified causes, especially in America.

The tiny house promotes a better lifestyle that in a way serves as a living example of simplified sustainability, for the rest of the world.