Construction Masters

We had an action-packed workday yesterday adding the side walls to our trailer! Who would’ve thought that in three short hours we would all be pros at using the nail gun?!? While it was scary at first, we all got in a rhythm of framing and nailing together the walls, drilling holes for the trailer bolts, and hoisting the walls up and into place. In a matter of minutes our little house was really taking form! Its amazing to be able to see it really take form right in front of your eyes! I’m excited to see the progress that the other group makes tomorrow and to continue our work next week!

Important lesson of the week – How to properly use a nail gun:

Step One: Make sure pieces are lined up and in correct place

Step Two: Depress nail head

Step Three: Pull Trigger!


Here’s a few snippets of us in action:img_3576img_3584