The Walls Are Up!

That means that the house is basically a home, right?


Today, half of our class nailed 2x4s together to build the walls of the tiny house. Our house is going to have a shed roof, so one wall is taller than the other. One wall is 10 feet tall while the other wall is 8 feet tall. We also lifted two beams up to the top of the wall which was quite a task, especially for the 10-foot wall!

It was exciting to see such a difference in 3 hours of work. At the beginning of the day, we only had the floor on the trailer. By the end of the day, we had two level side walls nailed to the trailer, and everyone was a pro with the nail gun. See the pictures below for our progress!


This photo is an action shot of nailing one of the beams to the top of the 8 foot wall. You can see me (blue shirt) “supervising” the situation. Emma (on the ladder) expertly shows how to properly use a nail gun by nailing the beam and the 2×4 together.



Here is a look at the back end of the house. You can really see the difference in the wall heights here.



Here is a nice angle of the house.



Here is George, our master carpenter, with the tiny house after the work day.


Until next time,