Matt N.’s Tiny House Weekend – pt. 1

Here in a tiny house, I am spending my weekend… and today is my birthday! I wanted to make this weekend extra special by taking a stay-cation. And I am enjoying it! I got here last night and will stay here tonight too. It’s like staying in a quaint cabin in the heart of Athens. Here is a photo of my arrival yesterday.


And most of my day today was spent in the breakfast nook; hey everybody!…

20151114_162850 20151114_163136

Things I really like about this tiny house:

  • the breakfast nook. The unique red cedar table and the amount of seating is great.
  • open living room with futon. I really like the floor-to-ceiling open space.
  • the character. This place has a nice historic character outside and a mix of modern and whimsical style inside.

Things I wish this tiny house had:

  • more storage (i.e. small dresser of drawers) in the loft by the bed
  • more counterspace (pull out cutting board?)
  • a deck, either in the front or the back