Putting the door on!

Today we finally got the door on, which I believe means the house is entirely closed in now. The dimensions were a little off, so you can see George cutting some of the siding off to fit the door in. Student blog post // Noah Workman

Tiny and on the Move!

Today we took a not-so-tiny step forward–we moved the tiny house from the side to the front of the barn so it can be on display during the upcoming Fall Festival at UGArden. Moving the house was both exciting and nerve-wracking. This is the first time the house has been moved since we started construction, … More Tiny and on the Move!

Shiny & Tiny

We are making tons of progress every time we work on the house.  The class was a little unsure about the metal siding, but now we all agree that it looks awesome! -Student Blog Post // Taylor Cotton // Horticulture Student, Construction Amateur, Proud Student of Tiny House Class at the University of Georgia

Decisions…Decisions (Insulation)

Options for insulating a green house have increased tremendously over the last several years, with many new products and improved versions on older products. There are may types of fiberglass, foam, and even recycled jeans (see http://www.nrdc.org/business/design/denim.asp) A tiny home poses a few unique problems, but the biggest concern is the thickness of floor, ceiling/roof and walls, … More Decisions…Decisions (Insulation)

Laugh all you want…

They laugh at me because I keep dragging the worksite for nails and screws with this large magnet. Laugh all you want I say, “but I have no interest in finding a nail in a tire of the trailer for Tiny Dawg House, while driving down the highway at 50 mph.

Coming Along

The Tiny House is starting to make progress more and more each week.  Here we have started to add the metal siding and windows to the front side of the house.   Student Blog Post/Joel Van Asch/Business Management Major, Student of Tiny House Class at the University of Georgia