Wires, siding, windows, and a roof!

The tiny house is looking more and more like an actual home every day!  This past week we’ve made a lot of progress. The electrician came back again on Tuesday to finish up the wiring. I think we put more outlets into the tiny house than my regular sized house.



Almost all of the windows have been installed, one of the first steps to making the inside look more homey. You can see Brian taking a peak outside.



After some debate over what materials to use for the roofing and siding, we ended up going with the metal sheets already laying around the barn. They’re cheap, reliable, and relatively easy to install. The house may just end up looking like a big metal box though, so some painting and decorating is definitely required on the tail end. We finished the entire roof and about half of the siding this week. It feels like a lot of progress but there is definitely quite a bit more to be done!





– Student Blog Post // Noah Workman // Ecology and Genetics Student